Building Project week 16 of 22

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If people in Starbeck did not know that there was a building project going on, they do now! On Tuesday this enormous crane arrived to lift steel girders from the car park over the roof of our Church and then fastened in place to form the roof
structure of the new extension. We were fortunate to get a photographer from the Harrogate Advertiser to take a picture of the crane, church and people from our Church. We were picture of the week in the Paper. The Advertiser has been very good to us in publicising our project. Roofing materials and water supplies are also
being installed and they have started to dismantle the leaded glass in the side
windows that are being taken out to form doorways. The project is running
slightly behind but over the next few weeks given good weather and no problems
they will start to catch up if they can and a better idea of the finish date
will be clearer. This was also the week where we learned that WREN recycling had awarded us a £50000 grant towards the project -they must have been impressed with our vision, our business plan and our determination. This weekend will also be our last service in the Church before moving into the Halls for the next month or so – a good opportunity for worship in a different environment and to allow us to have coffee time again without the logistical problem of having no water! Sunday Club will now also be in the same building as the main service which can only be good for togetherness. (time lapse of the Crane going up and then down)