Building Project – Week 19 of 26

hallsserviceYet again the foul weather has played havoc with all the plans but progress is still being made.Work has to be done on the guttering and window frames to make them fit in with the new structures. The new doorways have to have mullions inserted which round off the broken brickwork nicely and when it is not snowing work can be done on preparing a framework for the new glass roof (delivered next Tuesday hopefully) and on the facia that faces the high St. You can also see they they have started work on the boundary wall along the front of the church by the pavement. Sunday services continue to be held in the halls and receive good responses from the worshippers but pose problems for logistics. Those cocerned are very patient people.blogweek19.1 blogweek19.2 blogweek19.3 blogweek19.5 This week we have also finalised what the new internal signage will look like and ideas are starting to form about the furniture that will go into the new extension