Building Project Week 20 of 26

Yet again the foul weather has played havoc with all the plans but progress is still being made…(How many times have I said that!) The glass roof is now in place as are the light pipes that allow light into the corridor by the loos. The doorways into the Church from the extension are now complete and next week the doors at either end of the extension will be put in place so they have a sealed unit to work in. We are still looking at plans to brighten up the Narthex to make it more in line with decor in the new extension and also how to clean the outside wall of the church that forms the inside wall of the new extension. (100 years of being an outside wall leaves marks! blogweek20.1 blogweek20.2 blogweek20.3 blogweek20.4The Pearl St property is virtually sold and we have sent all the paperwork into WREN to claim the £50000 (the earlier paperwork was outlining the vision and the Business Plan.)