Building project week 23 (finish 22 May!)

Inside the extension it definitely looks like a building site now!. The framework is going up for the toilets and there is wiring everywhere. Holes are being drilled to take water pipes, “X” marks the spot can be seen on all the walls so the electricians know where to fix the wiring for the lights and the Narthex is being cleared out for the new carpeting, ceiling, storage cupboards and doorways. (in the pictures you can see them constructing the framework for the toilets and the “new” doors at the end of the Narthex. (these are actually the ones from the old kitchen doorway.) We are hopeful that Starbeck Grants will award us £ 1720 to buy new furniture and seating for the new Welcome area. They are meeting this week and we will be especially grateful for this as money awarded to our project can sometimes mean someone else in the community loses out who has also put in a bid so it is a difficult decision for the grants panel. To have them  make a decision that they wish to be identified with our project on blogweek23.1 blogweek23.3 blogweek23.6 blogweek23.4 blogweek23.2 behalf of    the whole of the community would be very pleasing indeed.