Mothers’ Union

The Mother’s Union Branch at St Andrew’s
St Andrew’s Mothers’ Union was opened in February 1903.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday every month in Church at 1:30 pm. Every member pays a subscription of £10:50, all of which goes to Mary Sumner House, the Headquarters in London, to cover the cost of the work world-wide. It is not necessary to be part of a Branch to be a member of the Mother’s Union, the important thing is to support it’s work.

Since the formation of the M.U. by Mary Sumner in 1876 in has grown considerably. We now have over 3 million members in 70 countries, don’t be put off by the word ‘mother’ as membership is open to men and women, single or married.

Though the last century has seen many changes, the aims of the M. U. have remained the same, to maintain a world wide fellowship of Christians, united in Prayer, Worship and Service; to promote conditions in Society favourable to stable Family Life and to help those whose Family Life has met with adversity.

To achieve these aims we have set up Overseas Projects with key issues such as literacy; parenting; HIV/AIDS; alcohol / drug abuse; marriage & family breakdown; widow’s rights; peace and reconciliation following major conflicts. We have also given money to help communities with income generating activities such as framing; crafts production; tailoring and a M. U. Café. When disasters strike e.g. the Tsunami, monies from the Relief Fund is sent immediately to provide aid.

In this country members are working as volunteers in prisons, providing ‘Away from it All’ holidays for needy families, running parenting courses, knitting tiny garments for premature baby units and many other things.

Want to know more then log on to, or better still look in the Church Magazine for St Andrew’s Branch News and come to a meeting or contact Jean Holliday for an information pack.