The Group

The Group

We meet every other Tuesday evening from 7pm – 8-30pm during term time.

Like a Small Group we meet together and enjoy studying the Bible, sharing stories and playing games, oh yes and don’t forget the ‘Tuck Shop!!’


TOP TIP –   Number 1

We all know that we’re supposed to read our Bibles everyday….but why are we sooo… scared of opening the Bible and digging in?

This lesson will explain the process of a simple quiet time and take the “fear” out of the Bible.


Your daily retreat is so important because you need time with God to grow closer to Him and grow as a Christian! Think about all the things that you do during your day…don’t you think that you can spare 5 minutes to spend some time with God?


Begin with a simple prayer. Thank God for His word and all that He’s done for you! This will “set the mood” for your quiet time


As we said earlier, sometimes the Bible can be “sacry”…we don’t know where to start or what some of the scriptures mean. A great tool for this is a journal or devotional book. It will put the scriptures with a story and will give context to the meaning. A devotional is a must-have for a young Christian.


Close your quiet time by thanking God again for everything that He’s done for you.

Pray for others and then for yourself.

Never forget to pray for forgiveness daily!

Tell God that you love Him and He’ll do the same for you!


AAAhhhhh…..don’t you feel better?                   That wasn’t so hard now was it?