Global Mission

At St Andrew’s we are proud to be an outward looking church with strong national and international links. We support a number of people who are serving God abroad, some of them through regular financial giving and all of them through prayer.

Our REMIT is to ‘Present Global Mission opportunities to, and encourage involvement by, everyone at church.’  We report, liaise and help to enable all age groups within our community.  We aim to provide support with contacts, logistics and fundraising.  Each situation is addressed individually, quality time is given with each idea through meetings to decide how we can best support every one.  We are a sub group of the PCC, we promote and support: Mission families; Christian organisations and Individuals.

OBoylesNeil O’Boyle is the National Director of British Youth for Christ, based in the West Midlands. He and his wife, Joy, and their children have previously lived in Denver, Thailand and the Middle East during Neil’s various roles with Youth for Christ International. Joy also works in the BYfC office.AinsworthsMartin Ainsworth has worshipped at St Andrew’s since his teenage years and has been very much involved in youth and children’s ministry. His current role of Director of Media Ministries at Youth for Christ International takes him around the world.Adrian and Fiona Price live near Lausanne in Switzerland. Until recently, Adrian was an associate pastor at Westlake Church. He is currently completing his theological studies through the Belgian Bible Institute and seeking opportunities to pursue his ministry in French speaking Europe. They have a two-year old son, Nathan.

Paula O’Keefe has been involved in missionary work in various countries around the world. Currently Paula, and her Mother Jo, are living in Gran Canaria where they have established ‘Living Waters’. They are a ‘presence’ based ministry, a house of prayer and worship and their aim is to reach out to those with no faith. They have initiated a number of ‘Mission Weeks’ where people from around the world have attended and learnt how to reach out to the local people. Their home has been a haven for people going through difficult times eg refugees. They have managed to hold church services in their home and have planted churches in the neighbouring areas. Paula would welcome visitors to join her in her work where you would learn much, help out with various tasks and just enjoy a time of relaxation.


The Global Mission team would welcome any enquiries about the missionaries we support indeed missionary work of any sort. We are happy to assist you in any missionary work that you may be interested in. The opportunities in the mission field are vast so we would love to discuss with you, and help you research any opportunities that may be of interest.