24-Hour Prayer Days

As part of our commitment to praying for the world, our community, our church family and ourselves, we hold monthly 24-hour prayer times.
These are often over 2 days, 12 hours each day, mostly towards the end of the month. Days of the week vary. Each person or group is free to pray as they wish, whether for the world, family, community or anything else. A large cloth map of the world and other information is usually available. In holiday times we are sometimes joined by a children’s and parents’ group and creative ways of praying together are shared.

There is usually a different theme for each monthly prayer time and various activities and thought provoking details are prepared to help people focus and pray into certain areas in creative ways.  It has been encouraging to see how we, as a body of believers, have grown through these prayer times and it is always encouraging to read through the journal that people write in during the course of each one-hour slot.

For further details, contact Tina Milne.