Who’s who

Rev Philip Carman – Vicar

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Janet David  Malcolm  PaulSheelagh
Faye Wright
Church Administrator
 Janet Jackson
Office Assistant
 David Leonard
 Malcolm Price
 Paul and Sheelagh Easby
 Sarah Bullivant
Discipleship Coordinator
 Angela Kidman
Children and Young People Coordinator
 Xanthi Ferguson
Pastoral Coordinator
 Helen Stalker
Pastoral Coordinator

PCC Standing Committee: Phil Carman (vicar), Steve Smith (secretary), David Leonard (warden), Malcolm Price (warden), Janet Cheesbrough (treasurer), Lorna Chippindale
PCC Members: Angela Kidman, Mike Langford, Jenny Bradley, Polli Appleyard, Sheila Manning, Chris Butler, Anne Winter, Caroline Taylor, Martin Ainsworth, Sarah Bullivant, Jordan Harrison
Worship Leaders: Caroline Taylor, Adam Hawkes, Sam Leach, Adrienne Amos, Janet Miles, Beth McNutt
Children’s Coordinator: Sharon Gladish
Young People’s Coordinator: Rob Williams
Prayer Coordinator: Tina Milne
PA Coordinator: Peter Miles
Mission Group Leader: Andrew Rider
Outreach Group Leader: Jane Crawford
Safeguarding Officer: Mick Leach
Signing Coordinator: Hilary James
Welcome Ministry Coordinator: Sheila Manning
Family Spot: Sarah Leach